New Covenant Christian Church

A Messianic Torah Observant Congregation

Story of Our Painting

commissioned painting

This painting was commissioned for the church sanctuary as a constant reminder of a truth God wants us to understand throughout our lives. That He not only wants us to hear, but to live and walk in a way that glorifies Him. The painting represents releasing one's worldly cares to be free to embrace God and all He has for us. It was inspired by a vision God gave Pam Morel and painted by artist Colleen Sgroi.

The woman lifting her hands towards God has released all of the cares of this world, (represented by the packages at her feet, which she was previously holding), in order to be free to surrender to God.  The woman who still clings to the cares of this world is represented by the second woman who is holding onto her packages and is not free to look to God with Arms Opened Wide. 

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